Fit Guide

Over 30 years ago we started making comfort footwear using the philosophy that comfort starts with fit. This is why we are committed to offering a full range of full and half sizes as well as numerous widths from Slim to XX-wide in a variety of styles.
The width of your foot is an important factor in finding the right fitting shoe. If you have ever bought a larger size in length to accommodate the width of your foot you may not be getting the best fit. Most retail stores and shoe brands for that matter only offer a “standard” or medium width, but with Propét you can find many width options so be sure to note both your length and width when ordering.
Fitting Tips:
Have your feet measured with a Brannock device every year. Most people’s feet get bigger with age so it is best to have your feet re-measured even if you have been purchasing the same size for many years.
Measure your feet or try shoes on in the late afternoon or after a full day of walking when your feet are at their largest due to normal swelling.
Measure both feet. Most people's feet are slightly different in length or width. When buying shoes use the measurements from the larger foot. If your feet are between sizes always purchase the larger size. It is alarming that many people choose shoes that are tight or too small and this can lead to other complications and foot ailments.
Shoes from different brands or different styles may fit differently. Shoes are made using a last, which simulates the shape of the foot. For the best fit try to find a shoe that is similar to the shape of your foot.
A properly fitted shoe will give you comfort right away. We do not recommend trying to “break in” your shoes or expect stretching for further comfort!
In addition of our size and width selections we also understand that the materials and construction of your footwear can help achieve greater comfort and reduction of pain and ailments.
Adjustable closures create the most flexibility in getting just the right fit.
Double depth footbeds allow for easier fit when using orthotics, inserts or braces
Stretchable uppers allow for extra give to help alleviate pressure on bunions, hammertoes or other conditions
We feel you should be able to find comfortable, stylish footwear no matter what size or width shoe you have!
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